Fabrication / Products

E.V.I. can now offer your company Custom Fabrication of these Items and more:

All types of:
Stainless steel type 1 kitchen hoods and make-up air plenums (U.L. 710 Listed and IMC code-compliant)
Stainless steel type 2 condensate and vent hoods
16 gauge, 12 gauge, and 10 gauge welded grease exhaust ductwork
24 gauge make-up air ductwork (insulated optional)  
Stainless steel insulated backsplash and flat s/s sheets
Welded roof curbs and flashings (Flat and pitched)
Stainless steel welded ductwork (ground and polished)
Aluminum ductwork

U.L. 762 listed exhaust fans and utility set exhaust blowers
Make-up air unit (Tempered and non-tempered)
U.L. fire suppression systems (Ansul and Pyro-Chem)
Control Panels
Electronic air cleaners/precipitators (Smog-Hog)
Fire blanket insulation wrap for grease ductwork

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