. What is a Commercial Kitchen Ventilation/Hood System?

A proper commercial kitchen ventilation hood system consists of the hood above the cooking equipment, the ductwork that connects the hood to the fans, the exhaust and/or make-up air fans on outside wall or roof and a fire suppression system. A kitchen hood system is designed to capture and vent heat, odors, gases, grease, steam and smoke out of the building into the atmosphere. It is also required by law in all commercial kitchens.

. Why should I use EVI for my hood system?

EVI is the largest kitchen ventilation system installer and fabricator in the tri-state area. In the ventilation business for over 15 years, EVI can provide the quality service you need. We follow the International Mechanical Code in all circumstances and assure you that your system will be installed properly. Our service department and office staff is available to provide you support at any time. EVI can provide the total package from survey, to drawings, to installation and start-up.

. What area does EVI cover?

EVI can install commercial kitchen ventilation systems in the entire state of New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania and New York City.

. Can’t I just buy the components of a hood system online or from EVI and install it myself?

In order for your system to work properly a professional must install it, complete knowledge of the codes is imperative. Our installers are professional and skilled at installing hood systems the right way, the first time.

. What are typical applications for a Type I and Type II kitchen hood(s)?

According to the International Mechanical Code: "A Type I hood shall be installed at or above all commercial food heat-processing equipment that produces grease vapors or smoke. A Type I or Type II hood shall be installed at or above all commercial food heat processing equipment that produces fumes, steam, odor or heat." For example a Type I hood would be used for char broilers, fryers, griddles, wok ranges, cooking ranges and other similar equipment. A Type II hood would be used for a convection oven, pizza oven, steam kettle, dishwasher, kettle oven and other similar equipment.

. What is Make-up Air (MUA)?

Make-up Air is fresh air being brought into the hood system from the outside to make-up for the air that is being exhausted through the hood. Make-up Air can be tempered during the winter and summer months. A properly designed make-up air system is critical to proper operation of the HVAC system in your building, as well as the hood system.

. Do I need a fire suppression system?

Yes. A UL 300 wet chemical fire system is required by code and is a safety feature of the hood system. Its purpose is to shut-off any fuel source to the equipment and extinguish any fire created by the cooking operations.